We can expect transformational changes to our lives as we work the Steps and follow the Traditions of Trauma Anonymous:

  1. Our nightmares, flashbacks, and/or intrusive memories will begin to go away.
  2. Our hypervigilance will decrease and we will do less scanning of the environment for danger.
  3. Our bitterness and irritability will decrease and our relationships with others will improve.
  4. We will experience less of a need to numb ourselves with things like drugs, alcohol, sex/pornography, food, work and others.
  5. We will sleep more restfully at night and have more energy during the day.
  6. Difficult-to-control anger will be transformed into healthy assertiveness and self-protectiveness.
  7. Our self-confidence and self-esteem will return or develop for the first time.
  8. We will become less avoidant socially, physically, and emotionally.
  9. We will learn to trust appropriately and be less afraid of others’ anger, irritation and/or disapproval.
  10. We will no longer be held hostage psychologically by the experience or experiences, nor tormented by regret over their having taken place.
  11. Our capacity to tolerate both frustrations and excitement will increase.
  12. We will be able to talk about our experiences with increasing ease and without dissociative symptoms.
  13. We will regain a sense of hope for the future as well as the ability to plan for it.
  14. We will regain the ability to experience joy and take pleasure in the mystery of life.
  15. We will reassert or assert for the first time our right to exist and thrive.

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