Sponsorship Practice for Trauma Anonymous

Sponsorship in TA is functions strictly on a peer-to-peer basis, that is, we don’t offer a hierarchical sponsor-sponsee relationship. Instead we recommend a connection between equals who support each other in their journey through trauma-related distress.


2 thoughts on “Sponsorship

  1. You don’t mention anything about re-traumatizing oneself.

    I have found that I have become programmed,(addicted) ,what have you, to re traumatizing myself through any number of self harming self destructive behaviors.
    Which can come in the form of blatantly obvious actions,to the subtle,and almost unnoticeable.
    I would love to open a dialogue with you about my experiences and my findings.

    Best regards


    • I think you raise a very excellent point and that’s something I’ll have to think about (I did it to myself for many years in certain ways and I think it may be behind a lot of behaviors which get labeled “addictions” or “compulsions”…I never really followed up on making this site into the basis for an actual face-to-face group but I’d more than welcome any comments you would like to post (so they are available for others for read if interested)

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