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Material for Trauma Anonymous

“One thing I do know: everything that is sinking into us like a stone now, while we are in the war, will rise up again when the war is over, and that’s when the real life-and-death struggle will start. “–Erich Maria Remarque


6 thoughts on “Cover page

    • Hi I’m the author of the site…I never followed through on trying to create a group out of what I wrote here but you’re more than welcome to copy any/all of the materials and do so yourself (if that was your intention).

      (Just please give me credit in some fashion if the occasion ever arises.)

      • Thanks for posting this information – and for your willingness to share. I’m in the midst of creating a small local community, and eventually a blog and webpage, based on a very similar concept and it’s great not to have some basic materials as a basis. I will certainly give you credit as appropriate.

    • Good question, I never actually did it myself but I think the easiest way would be to piggyback on a local meeting place (sometimes churches) which hosts other 12-step meetings…other options might be advertising on Craigslist, putting out a flyer at a local community mental health center or VA, or even starting a meetup group.

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